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Ramón Vergara Platero

Ramón was born in Seville. Since his childhood he has been passionate about traveling, to know countries and different cultures and to enjoy authentic local life. Thanks to his experience by working in top hotels and elite events productions, acquired a great sensitivity to the needs of luxury travelers. He is a professional designer of events and travel experiences: His natural curiosity and sociability make him an expert to find the right places with an accurate sense of refinement.

Benoît Laurenceau Blanco

Benoît was born in Bordeaux, lived in Paris, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Boston, Quebec City. The world is his home. And he is travelling worldwide since his childhood. Today finding the « wow effect » became his main quest.
He is an experienced hotel consultant and helped many exclusive tourism actors to improve their service for exclusive travelers systematically looking for hidden gems and creativity. In Spain, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Indonesia, France, the US, Singapore, the UK, Montenegro and many other places, he will find the place for you, out of traditional paths.
Benoît is an expert for our opera and cultural line too. Thanks to him, you will get the possibility to attend even sold out performance. And he will manage for you the perfect combination of opera, restaurants and  major exhibition from New York City to Milan, London to Muscat, Buenos Aires to Berlin, Bayreuth to Glyndebourne.

Christian Lapébie

Christian is of Basque origins. Means high quality to host, organize and deal with details so that your stay will be memorable: Welcoming a guest is a second religion for basque people. And Christian is used to address the most demanding requests: he used to be for years the former head concierge of a world renowned palace in the South West of France.
There, he always satisfied many clients including royals and VVIP. As a member of the Clef d’Or worldwide association, he can open closed doors worldwide.